CEAS Paris, organiser of the 11th FEPS conference, offers

2 days for :

– Take stock of the job of Sophrologist,
– Discover new areas of application,
– Feed on neuroscience and physiology,
– Share,
– Breathe, dance… in unison!

At “la Maison des Océans”

A unique place, a real setting in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

Please note only 500 lucky ones will be able to attend this Conference like no other!

This year again, the Conference will focus on Sophrologist trade in its environment and in its profession that has become ever more visible and legitimate, with interventions :

  • On major fields of application (in business, medical, educational, sports) but ALSO
  • On territories still unknown (sophrology and sexology, sophrology and animal mediation).

Particular attention will be paid to neuroscience and physiology. Information and experiments provided by scientists will argue for the merits of the Sophrologist practices, based on studies and field surveys.

Because the world moves even faster, Time will be at the heart of every intervention, Time, the key element in the Sophrology’s practice.

During these 2 days, some Sophro-choreographic insertions will give time for breath and body breaks.

Exhibitor spaces will be available to share during these breaks, and a wonderful library will be at your disposal to satisfy your thirst for literature. Book signing times are planned !


The 11th FEPS’ CONFERENCE invites you to “la Maison des Océans”:

  • In the Grand Amphitheatre, attending expert lectures, interacting during the round-tables, and practicing (because it’s sophrological !),
  • In the Little Amphitheatre, to come and meet the 7 schools, members of the FEPS network,
  • In the Exhibition Hall, the Council Room, the Léon Laugier Room and the entrance hall, to discover our partners, main actors in your activity as a Sophrologist,
  • In the magnificent Library, to come and meet the authors, or get you some latest titles on Sophrology or the essentials books.

Buy your ticket

An invoice is provided with the purchase of your ticket. No funding is possible, it is an event and not a training course. No quotation possible.

Thank you for your understanding.

16 Oct.

Jour 01

8.30 to 9.30 am

Welcome time

9.30 am

Opening the conference

● Dr Luc Audouin’s speech, Founder of CEAS Paris, and at the initiative of the creation of CEPS (Coordination of Professional Schools in Sophrology), now FEPS.

● Interventions by Olivia Roux, FEPS President, Co-Principal ISRA (Lyon) and Géraldine Durand, Darci Martins, Frédérique Murry, Co-Principals CEAS Paris, organisers of the event.
10.15 am


● “Sophrology, the art of resonance“ by Dr Luc Audouin, Doctor, Sophrologist.
10.45 am

New field of application

● “The Time of Animal Wisdom“ by Isabelle Mathioux, Sophrologist, Zootherapist, with her dog Lemax.
11.15 am to 12.00 pm

Break, exhibitor booths, book signings.

12.00 pm

Neurosciences et physiology

● “Better understanding the immediate impact of respiratory control on the physiology of the body… Presentation of the evidence“ by Dr Bouchot, Doctor of Medicine, Laureate of the Paris XIII Faculty of Medicine.
12.30 pm

Professional Sophrologist Syndicate (Instances SSP)

12.45 to 2.30 pm

Break, exhibitor booths, book signings.

2.30 pm

Field of application

● “Time for a nap“ by Caroline Rome, Sophrologist, attached to the Hôtel Dieu in Paris, specialised in sleep disorders.
3.00 pm

Field of application

● “The sophrology in the test of sports endurance“ by Matthieu Wiart, Sophrologist, specialised in the accompaniment of high-level athletes.
3.30 pm

Choreographed break

3.45 pm

Crossed views

● “Sophrology and Disability, another space-time to agree“ by Nathalie Bergeron-Duval, Sophrologist, Creative Consultant and Philippe Aubert, President of “la Nuit du Handicap” in 2019 (the Disability Night).
4.15 to 5.00 pm

Break, exhibitor booths, book signings.

5.00 pm


● “To die before its death“ by Norbert Cassini, Sophrologist, Founder of the French School of Sophrology (EFS).

Education Round-table

6.15 pm

End of the day

16 Oct.

Gala reception

Aboard the Poseidon’s barge
8.30 pm : GALA EVENING

Dinner cocktail

9.00 pm

Cast off the moorings for a cruise on the Seine.

Your evening will be hosted by Céline Peltier, vocal coach and Sophrologist.
With Céline, let’s give some voice along the water and if the heart tells you, let’s continue in dance, lulled by the magic of “Paris by Night“.

Let’s hope the weather would allow us to enjoy the magnificent rooftop.

1 am : Back to dock





17 Oct.

Jour 02

8.00 to 9.00 am

Welcome time

9.00 am

Neurosciences et physiology

● “Neurosciences and Time” by Aurore Malet-Karas, Doctor of Cognitive Neuroscience, thesis on the mechanisms of memory recovery, Master of Neurobiology.
9.30 am

Sophrology Epistemology Research Group (Instances GES)

9.45 am

Research Round-table

10.30 am

New field of application

● “Tribute to slowness or put some sensuality back into sexuality“ by Pascale Etchebarne, Sophrologist, Occupational Health Nurse, Consultant in psychosocial risks, Sexologist.
11.00 to 11.45 am

Break, exhibitor booths, book signings.

11.45 am

Crossed views

● “ Busy schedule: Sophrology in ENA”, by Anne-Sophie Jung, Sophrologist, Business Consultant and Jean-Claude Doillon, Head of the Sports and Health Unit at the ENA.
12.15 pm

Fields of application

● “Sophrologist-patient: what temporality at stake?“ by Norbert Bariot, Nurse, Sophrologist, at the University Cancer Institute of Toulouse.
12.45 to 2.30 pm

Break, exhibitor booths, book signings.

2.30 pm

Choreographed break

2.45 pm

Neurosciences et physiology

● “Time and stress management, what mechanisms are mobilised during sophrological activations?” by Delphine Traber, Sophrologist, Doctor in Prevention Psychology, specialised in the prevention of stress and trauma.
3.15 pm

Age well Round-table

4.00 pm


● “The Test of Time”, by Richard Esposito, Principal of the Training Centre for Professional Sophrologists (CFSP), Professor of Philosophy, Chairman of the Sophrology Epidemiology Group (GES).
4.30 pm

Break, exhibitor booths, book signings.

5.15 pm

Crossed views

● “Sophrologist in business; step in at the right time and register for the long term“ by Isabelle Castellanet Sophrologist, Expert in Alliances and Partnerships, and Cécile Mosa, Sophrologist, Expert in Communication and Collective Intelligence.
5.45 pm

And the Finale! Some moments of grace.

● “Under the sky” leads by Sidney Regis, Artist, Freediver, Naturalist in the CNRS, and Salimata Diop, Pianist.
6.15 pm

End of the FEPS 2020 Conference


Passionate and embodied speakers !


Dr Luc Audouin

General practitioner, a founding member of CEAS Paris, corporate and medical consultant, senior lecturer at HEC, expert attached to the APM at CJC CRC, author of “La Sophrologie“ at Almora Editions, and “Le sommeil“ at Milan Editions.

“Sophrology, the art of resonance”

A sophronisation is a discovery of an inner landscape, which will take all its wealth if it opens if it links with the world of Beings, Things and Symbols. We will show how then to guide a practice in this perspective.



Norbert Bariot

Nurse at the University Cancer Institute of Toulouse, also known as “Oncopole”, Sophrologist. Nurse expert in Sophrology since 2000. Assigned to the support care service.

“Sophrologist-patient : what temporality at stake?”

Sophrology makes perfect sense in care offer’s improvement. The nursing status defines him a legal field of activity and offers a safe exercise of the practice.

When does one become a Sophrologist?

What impacts of time on the exercise of its activity?

Positive impacts : maturity, experience, specialisation, new knowledge…

AND more negative : specialisation, isolation…

Is there a Sophrologist time and a non-Sophrologist time? A dissociated time or an associated time?



Dr Christian Bouchot

Doctor of Medicine, laureate of the Faculty of Medicine Paris XIII, a lecturer at the Physiotherapy School, EFOM Foundation Boris Dolto, in initial training and continuing education, certified master practitioner of internship of the Faculty René Descartes Paris V.

“Better understand the immediate and valuable impact of respiratory control on the physiology of the body… Introducing the evidence”

Breath and adrenaline, breath and acetylcholine. In less than a minute, the breath of the Sophrologist can increase or decrease the adrenaline level, thereby increasing the acetylcholine level. Did you know? As Mr Jordan does prose, Sophrologists do biochemistry without knowing it. At a time when drug overprescribing, especially anxiolytics, is increasingly questioned, body control is brought to play a key role to stay in good health.



Norbert Cassini

Trainer, author of “La Sophrologie“ at Eyrolles Editions, Founder of the French School of Sophrology (EFS).

“To die before its death”

We come into the world with a fresh look, life and all its wonders are open to us, and at the same time, we quickly understand that all this will have an end: death. In front of this, each of us sets up defence mechanisms that shape the course of our lives and often prevent us from being ourselves and realising ourselves. What can we do to release ourselves from the anguish of death, the limits and brakes it creates throughout our lives? One way possible: to die before death.



Richard Esposito

Principal of the Training Centre for Professional Sophrologists (CFSP), Professor of Philosophy, Chairman of the Sophrology Epidemiology Group (GES), Head of the Scientific Committee of the Journal “Annals of Epistemology of Sophrology“, Director of the Editorial Board of “Sophrologie, pratiques et perspectives” magazine, Director of the “ Parcours Sophro “ at Soteca edition.

“The Test of Time”

Time does not prove itself; it is experienced in an existential way that constantly places us between memory, attention and imagination. The positive meaning, we give to the present partly depends on how we update our past, anticipate our future and integrate the constant inconstancy of existence.



Pascale Etchebarne

Sophrologist, Occupational Health Nurse, Business RPS Consultant, Sexologist, Author “ Les acouphènes, apport de la Sophrologie,“ “ le développement durable de soi-même “ at VOolume Editions.

“Tribute to slowness or put some sensuality into sexuality”

Our society of immediacy, the race for performance, work, orgasm, makes us forget an essential concept: living in the present moment.

Making love is a bit like a treasure hunt by following the sophrological map, the discovery of two bodies, a dialogue with the other by taking the path of awakening the senses, to find this treasure: pleasure.



Aurore Malet-Karas

Doctor of Cognitive Neuroscience, thesis on the mechanisms of memory recovery, bachelor’s degree in psychology and biology, Master of Neurobiology. Sexologist. Speaker at the CFCV (Feminist Collective Against Rape).

“Neuroscience and Time”

Recent neuroscience researches have shown the current limits of our reasoning and cognitive abilities. This conference will report on the cognitive and biological mechanisms of temporal perception by the neurosciences, the links with memory, and the impacts of emotions on the very perception of time.



Isabelle Mathioux

Sophrologist, Zootherapist

“The time of animal wisdom: towards a new awareness of the passing time!”

Once upon a time, in the land of sophrology, the animal wisdom that guided us step by step towards more awareness of the present moment.

In a society where we run after time, animals guide us towards a peaceful awareness. Illustrations by concrete examples while during the time of a session, sophrology and animal meditation merge for the well-being of all.

Why combine animal mediation with sophrology?

Which animal partners to request during the session and according to what purpose, at what point of the protocol? The horse, mirror of our emotions, the dog with his unconditional love, or the rabbit for the sensory awake, among other work companions….

Discovery of very rich fields of application.



Caroline Rome

Sophrologist, attached to the Sleep Centre of the Hôtel-Dieu in Paris, specialised in sleep and vigilance with a course completed by a DU on Management of insomnia at the University René Descartes (Paris V). More than 20 years of expertise in the field. Co-author of “ La place de la sophrologie dans l’avenir de notre société“ at Harmattan, co-author of the “ Guide de sophrologie appliquée“ at Elsevier Masson, author of “ Réveiller son sommeil“ (2020) at Soteca Editions.

“Time for a nap!”

Lack of time leads to a cut-down sleep a real vicious circle takes hold: little sleep and less recovery, more difficulties and more slowness in doing things, so no time to do everything and less time to sleep…

Hence the benefits of a nap!

Napping will compensate for the lack of sleep and it’s a virtuous circle. It responds to a physiological need and makes it possible to reactivate cognitive abilities, to force less the day and to approach sleep with less resistance. Taking a nap has a positive impact on 24 hours.

The Salvador Dali-style flash nap, which takes only 1 to 5 minutes, is possible whatever the context. Hence the proposal to take the time and “nap” in the middle of the Conference…



Delphine Traber

Sophrologist, Doctor in Prevention Psychology, specialised in the prevention of stress and trauma, title issued by the Grenoble Alpes University Community and the ESDICE of Grenoble (Doctoral Engineering School for Health, Cognition and Env.), independent scientific expert, consultant, lecturer and trainer, reviewer of scientific journals (publons.com/a/1574943/) of the Journal of Traumatic Stress, member of the national ABC network of psycho traumas, temporary lecturer assistant and research assistant for the year 2019-2020 within the Inter-University Psychology Laboratory (LIP PC2S) and the Savoie Mont Blanc University (USMB).

“Time and stress management, what mechanisms are mobilised during sophrological activations? “

Sophrological activations act on the neurophysiological mechanisms involved in the regulation of stress. Understanding and integrating the intrinsic temporality of these regulatory mechanisms aim to better grasp the essence of the active potential of sophrological activations.



Matthieu Wiart

Creator of Human Progress’Sens, Sophrologist, trainer, speaker, and consultant. Meditation practitioner. He accompanies and trains high-level athletes, individuals and companies, in the development of balance, individual and team potential.

“The sophrology in the test of sports endurance (Ultra trail, Triathlon, Motorcycle and enduro mountain biking…)”

How does sophrology allow the athlete to maintain attention, emotional regulation, intensity, alternating explosiveness and relaxation, in a sporting endurance event of several hours of effort?

Testimony of experiences by Matthieu Wiart, Sophrologist and ultra-trailer.



Philippe Aubert

With athetotic cerebral palsy since his birth, President of the “Nuit du Handicap“ in 2019, author of the book “Rage d’exister“.



Nathalie Bergeron-Duval

Sophrologist, creative consultant, author of the book “The Little Encyclopedia of Minute Relaxation“.

Crossed views “Sophrology and disability, another space-time to agree”

Together they testify on their long-term journey through Sophrology since they first met in 2018 :

What difficulties have been encountered? Which concrete results? Which adaptations were necessary for some protocols and in particular related to Time (choice of exercises, construction and time of sessions, anamnesis and phenodescription)? How can sophrology – and a Sophrologist – learn from this experience?



Anne-Sophie Jung

Sophrologist, ENA speaker and co-founder of Concept Flow, the Alliance of Better Do and Better Being for Business.


Jean-Claude Doillon

Head of the Sports and Health Unit at the ENA.

Crossed views “Busy schedule: Sophrology at the ENA”

Since its creation in 1945, the ENA, a public service institution, has constantly reinvented itself in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This exceptional school, located in Strasbourg, contributes to the training of senior officials by refocusing its teachings on the realities of the field, by diversifying its recruitment, by placing its students on internship for a year from their arrival, by working on files in progress in the various ministries, by attending crisis management seminars, etc.

It is in this context that the Sports Department has become, over the past few months, a Sports and Health Centre, the pupil as a person being at the heart of the priorities.

His missions? Develop prevention and a personalised follow-up of students, as well as staff, establish a notion of life balance and develop skills in well-being thanks to Sophrology through the teachings offered.



Isabelle Castellanet

Sophrologist, expert in alliances and partnerships.


Cécile Mosa

Sophrologist, expert in communication and collective intelligence.

Crossed views “Sophrologist in business: step in at the right time and register for the long term”

Rich in their backgrounds and their meetings, our two Sophrologists share the different methods experienced in the practice of sophrology in business. How to respond to the company’s challenges? How to make yourself visible at the right time? Alone or backed by a partner? What alliances can be made to be positioned on wellness, health prevention and performance? What complementary expertise to sophrology is welcome? How to work in the long term?

A few thoughts and illustrations are given to you during this conference.


Round tables



Sophrology, as scholar support for tomorrow.



How to develop a study and spread its results? What about the difficulties to cope with?



Age well

Towards a health pedagogy involving the Sophrologist.

The topping out!

Instants of grace…

« Under the sky » consists of a video projection of exclusive scientific images, taken from cameras on board sea turtles, accompanied by an original piano interpretation by Salimata DIOP. Sidney REGIS guides our breathing. This awareness action is based on the alchemy between visual and musical, between artistic and educational. And offers you a unique experience!

Salimata Diop

Franco-Senegalese Pianist and Composer. She studied piano and joined the Music School of the Legion of Honour. She began composing in 2014, drawing inspiration from her travels and her classical repertoire. She performs in many halls, including the “Hôtel de Salm” (Legion of Honour Palace) in Paris, or the Institut Français de Saint-Louis, sometimes as a classical performer -Bach, Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Debussy-, sometimes as a composer – improvisation-.

Salimata Diop is also an art critic and a famous curator specialised in contemporary visual creation.

Sidney Régis

Freediver, experimental Photographer, environment Artist, and Naturalist referent for a programme of conservation of sea turtles with the CNRS, environment Reporter for LTOM broadcast on France 3.

Through his artistic work on water and air, Sidney Régis goes beyond and questions our perception of Nature, Time and Space. Since 2016, his work has evolved and these two materials have become the breeding ground for a poetic, environmental, participating and involved work.


A dynamic and generous animation.

Dominique Brunet

“What could be more natural than dancing, you only have to look at the little children to understand how this language is universal… our body is our first communication tool. Dancer since my earliest childhood – I even made it my profession – I invite you throughout this Conference to short danced breaks. To relax, to discover your place, your neighbours, to breathe, to close your eyes, breathe again, rise, stretch and rest, dance unmoving, spin, follow the rhythm, smile, breathe again and explore…”

Sophrologist, contemporary dancer and choreographer since 1983. Dominique combines sophrology and dance with professional or amateur dancers. Since her training at CEAS, she has developed Sophrology in motion, and in 2019 begins a research laboratory on the use of sophrology as a “tool” in the service of choreographic creation.

Sabine Quindou

“Journalist, Author, Director, dreamer, reader and traveller all at the same time and in the feminine form”

One of Sabine’s favourite theme is sustainable development.

After leading a UNESCO campaign on natural disasters, she measures the strength of direct contact with the public and begins writing shows. For her, the principle is always the same: tell a story, broadcast knowledge and forge a bond thanks to her smile.

Sabine masterfully orchestrated the last FEPS Sophrology Conference in Lyon in 2018 and returns on the stage of the Maison des Océans to present the 2 days of the Paris Conference with panache and generosity.

Federation of

Professional Sophrology’s Schools

The power of a group :




Meet the FEPS principals

CEAS : Centre de formation à Paris


ISRA : Institut de Sophrologie Rhône-Alpes

CFSP : centre de formation à Caen et à Rouen
EFS – Ecole Française de Sophrologie à Montpellier
EFS la Réunion

ESNE : école de Reims
ISSO : Instituts de Sophrologie du Sud Ouest, à Toulouse et Bordeaux.
Centre de Formation Zuili : institut à Avignon
ISH : Institut de Sophrologie Humaniste à Lille
ISR : Institut de Sophrologie de Rennes
Sophrology Academy : le seul institut de sophrologie au Royaume Uni

La Maison des Océans




How to get there

La Maison des Océans
195 rue Saint-Jacques, 75005 Paris




Lines 38, 82, 84, 85,89, station Luxembourg
Lines 21, 27, station Gay-Lussac/Saint-Jacques


Saint-Michel (M4)
Cluny – La Sorbonne (M10)


Luxembourg Station (RER B) at 300m

Train Station

All the Paris train stations are easy to access.


Soufflot-Panthéon, rue Soufflot.


Meals – Lunches

Near the « Maison des Océans », the FEPS Conference recommends you these following addresses:

Mille et un Paris : Rue Saint Jacques ( (Caterer, bakery)

Bistro Mauzac : 7 Rue de l’Abbé de l’Epée ( (Pub)

La Crêperie : 12 Rue Soufflot (01.43 .54.22.80) (Creperie)

Maison Marie : Rue Saint-Jacques ( (Regular French food)

Sabraj : Rue Saint-Jacques ( (Indian food)

Kokonor : Rue Saint-Jacques ( (Tibetan food)

Mayya : Rue Saint-Jacques ( (Creperie)

Sarl Panda Wok : 208 Rue Saint-Jacques ( (Asiatic food)

Luciana Pizza : 187 Rue Saint-Jacques ( (Pizzeria)

Le Pacha : 185 Rue Saint-Jacques ( (Greek food)

Le Perraudin : Rue Saint-Jacques ( (French food)

Tashi Dèlèk : 4 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques ( (Tibetan food)

Istanbul Kehribar : 1 Rue des Fossés-Saint-Jacques ( (Turkish caterer )

Sashimi Bar : 4 Rue des Fossés Saint-Jacques ( (Japanese food)

Au Port du Salut : Rue Saint-Jacques (

Le Barilleur : 173 Rue Saint-Jacques ( (Pub and Fooding)

Numero220 : 220 Rue Saint-Jacques (Vegetarian cafeteria)

New Luxembourg : Rue Saint-Jacques ( (Asian food)

Le Petit Jacques : Rue Saint-Jacques ( (French food)



Hotels near la Maison des Océans:

« Le petit Paris » Rue Saint Jacques, Paris 5ème / Rooms from 240 € to  360 €

« Relais Saint Jacques »  Rue de l’Abbé de l’Epée, Paris 5ème / 22 rooms, 220€ with breakfast

« Grand Hôtel Saint Michel » 19 Rue Cujas, Paris 5ème  / 20 rooms, 187€ the regular room,  218€the double superior room

« Gay-Lussac » 29 Rue Gay-Lussac, Paris 5ème / 20 rooms, single 100€,  double 104€ with breakfast

« L’hôtel de Senlis »  7 et 9 Rue Malebranche, Paris 5ème / 30 rooms, 99€

Autres hôtels recommandés

« Cosmotel » 17 boulevard de Strasbourg, Paris 10ème / 120.00 €

« Hôtel Les Théâtres » 98 rue de Cléry, Paris 2ème / 170.00 €

« Hôtel Mazagran » 4 rue Mazagran, Paris 10ème   / 76.00 €

« Hôtel IBIS Paris Grands boulevards » 38 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, Paris 9ème

« Hôtel IBIS Paris Avenue d’Italie » 15 Bis avenue d’Italie, Paris 13ème

11th FEPS Conference Partners

If you would like to be one of them, send you full contact information to Jean-Paul Michal: congres2020fepsceas@gmail.com

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La Maison des Océans

Henri-Paul Nénot, architect of the new Sorbonne, created this monument, comparable to a Renaissance palace that “suffered the distant charm of the Mediterranean shore and seeks inspiration in the architecture that was once born under the skies of Tuscany”: “it’s a bit Genoese, a little Monegasque, and it’s still something else”, Journalists told during the building’s construction.

A more than a 100-year-old historical monument, the “Maison des Océans” is today an environment/exploration hub in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

We are delighted to welcome you to this unique site for our 11th FEPS Sophrology Conference!