The FEPS Principals

The Federation of Professional Sophrology’s Schools gathers 7 schools in France and abroad.

During the Conference, the FEPS schools’ Principals will be present and delight to meet you.

Géraldine Durand - CEAS
Géraldine Durand
Co-director of the CEAS Paris

Darcy Martens CEAS
Darci Martins
Co-director of the CEAS Paris

Frédérique Murry - Co-directrice du CEAS Paris et secrétaire de la FEPS
Frédérique Murry
Co-director of the CEAS Paris
Treasurer of the FEPS

Olivia Roux ISRA
Olivia Roux
Co-director of the ISRA,
President of the FEPS

Marie-Claire Martelletti ISRA
Marie-Claire Martelletti
Co-director of the ISRA

acqueline Baudet Co-directrice et formatrice à l’ISH
Jacqueline Baudet
Co-director of the ISH

Stéphane Giraudeau - Co-directeur et formateur à l'ISH
Stéphane Giraudeau
Co-director of the ISH,
FEPS secretary

Dr Bernard Ariole - Directeur de RSF Réunion
Dr Bernard Ariole
Director the EFS Reunion Island

Régine Philip - Co-directrice de l’ISSO
Régine Philip
Co-director of the ISSO

Yann Cormier - Co-directeur et formateur à l'ISSO
Yann Cormier
Co-director of the ISSO

Marie-Claire Bouthors - Co-directrice de l’ESNE
Marie-Claire Bouthors
Co-director of the ESNE

Alain Chevalier Beaumel - Co-directeur de l'ESNE
Alain Chevalier Beaumel
Co-director of the ESNE

Arnaud HAYAERT - Directeur de l’Institut de Sophrologie de Rennes
Director of the ISR

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Today, the FEPS brings together 11 schools and 13 training centres for the profession of Sophrologist, which are increasingly motivated by the quality of the teaching’s method, the practitioners’ seriousness and expertise they trained and by the progress of the Sophrologists’ professionalisation.

The training, with more than 1000 hours, with a minimum of 400 hours courses in situ, takes place in two parts:

  • a fundamental cycle of 250 hours course in situ, followed by an internship (following the terms and conditions of each school).
  • an upper cycle of 150 hours course in situ minimum, validated by the Certificate of Practitioner in Sophrology.

The training is based on practice.